Winter 2021-2022. The story so far….

Today is January 14th 2022 and on this date we should be a month into a busy ski season. Morzine and surrounding resorts should be rammed with January clients – predominately British adults on short breaks, here to enjoy our mountains and party. Obviously the ####### pandemic put paid to many, many clients being able to visit us over Christmas, New Year and the first half of this month. It has been an absolute pleasure transporting my French, Dutch, Belgian, Irish and other clients, however because of Bojo and Macrons squabbles (and of course the ###### pandemic), business has plummeted.

Monsieur Lemoynes tweet yesterday sent a wave of hallelujahs echoing around our valley. My inbox took a leap from a couple of tentative enquiries to being a hotbed of online activity. I have spent time answering every email personally regardless of whether or not I can operate the transfers requested. Some bookings I am happy to say that I can honour, some I have asked for help from reliable colleagues but unfortunately many enquiries have received an apologetic “no-can-do” reply. This winter it simply seemed too risky to employ another driver. If any of you know the costs of employing someone in France and all the legal requirements that go with it, I am sure you can commiserate! Another factor in our reducing capacity is that we fell victim to international vehicle supply issues (###### pandemic). Our new minibus was due to be delivered 18 months ago….

So, this winter it is just myself and Yannick running the show at Taxi Morzine. We won’t be operating an evening taxi service or waiting for clients to stagger out of bars at the taxi rank. However, I will always try to provide clients with the phone number of another licensed operator in resort. We will continue to provide a top-class airport and rail transfer service alongside our regular school and medical work in the valley.

Seriously. We cannot wait to see you all again. Season 21/22… let’s be having you!