Terms and Conditions


1.1 In completing a booking with Taxi Morzine the client agrees to these Terms and Conditions and accepts that they have the legal authority to reserve the transfer and accept the Terms and conditions on behalf of all the other passengers on the private transfer.

1.2 It is the responsibility of the clients to provide an accurate email address and mobile phone number for the reservation. This mobile phone number must be switched on and working on your arrival transfer day (when not in flight). The phone number must also be operational the day before departure to receive a confirmed pick up time. Taxi Morzine reserves the right to change the pick-up time which is on the confirmation document due to adverse weather conditions, road works, events en route, heavy traffic forecast. Taxi Morzine cannot be held responsible for any issues in providing the transfer service as a result of an incorrect or unavailable mobile phone number being supplied by the client.

1.3 It is the client’s responsibility to provide correct flight times and flight numbers at the time of booking. The flight arrival time is the scheduled arrival time at Geneva Airport and the flight departure time is the scheduled flight take off time from Geneva Airport. If we base the transfer based on erroneous information and on the day of travel we are unable to provide the service the transfer will not be refunded. We will endeavour to find a solution but this cannot be guaranteed.

1.4 It is vital that the client checks all the information on the confirmation document received after making the reservation. Errors can be made and they must be rectified within 24 hours of receipt. The transfer is based on information on the confirmation document. Taxi Morzine accepts no liability for an incorrect confirmation document not being signalled immediately which results in a loss of service.

1.5 The transfer is deemed to be confirmed on receipt of the confirmation document.

1.6 Should the client wish to amend the booking this must be done by email as soon as possible. Examples of changes are passenger numbers, accommodation address, travel dates, travel times, child seat requirements and over sized luggage. This list is non exhaustive and could incur a supplement to the original transfer price or the transfer no longer being available.

1.7 The client may request a pick up time which may differ to the time on the Taxi Morzine confirmation document. If leaving later than the recommended times results in the client missing a flight, Taxi Morzine will not be held accountable.


2.1 We do try and track all arrival flights online however it is imperative that clients inform Taxi Morzine on 0033677411664 by text message or phone call of any delays of over 20 minutes. We do endeavour to cater for any delays however due to other reservations we may not be able to cater for significant delays of over 2 hours. We will try and find another operator to cover the service wherever possible. If we can cater for your delayed flight the clients may have to wait for the next vehicle to become available. Such events are on a case by case basis depending on weather conditions, traffic and other bookings. TO REITERATE, ANY DELAYS MUST BE COMMUNICATED BY TEXT OR PHONE ONLY – NOT EMAIL.

2.2 In the event of a cancelled flight and we cannot cater for a change in transfer time we will not refund the transfer if already paid. Taxi Morzine will, of course, provide documentation for the client to claim with their travel insurance. A rescheduled transfer may incur a surcharge if, for example, the transfer involves an early departure or late arrival which wasn’t the case in the original booking.

2.3 In the event of a cancelled flight which leads to the client cancelling the transfer less than 14 days before travel, no refund will be given for pre-paid transfers. As in 2.2 documentation will be provided for any insurance claims.

2.4 In the event of a diverted flight please contact Taxi Morzine on 0033677411664. If the client is only aware of the diversion in flight and is unable to contact Taxi Morzine the transfer will be cancelled and documentation will be supplied for any insurance claim if the transfer has already been paid for and we cannot reschedule the transfer. We will endeavour to provide an alternative transfer but this cannot be guaranteed.


3.1 Taxi Morzine will be asking for advance payment for some online bookings. Transfers booked on peak dates and transfers for large groups will be subject to pre-payment at the discretion of Taxi Morzine.

3.2 An invoice will be provided in euros with bank details for the client to transfer the money. Transfers will be made in euros only and any bank charges must be borne by the client.

3.3 If you need to cancel your booking up to and including 14 days before travel a full refund will be given minus a 50€ administration fee.

3.4 No refund will be given if the client cancels the transfer booking less than 14 days before travel. Taxi Morzine will provide documentation if the client needs to claim the transfer fee on their travel insurance.

3.5 Refunds will be issued in euros, minus the 50€ administration fee. Taxi Morzine accepts no liability for loss due to fluctuating exchange rates.



All children and infants are classed as seats on the total occupancy of the vehicle regardless of age. Suitable child seats are available (no supplement is required) but it is entirely the client’s responsibility at the time of booking to request a suitable seat for the child. If in doubt we ask the client to bring their own.

On certain vehicles (over 9 seats) fixing certain categories of car seats is impossible and we will warn you if this is the case. In such vehicles it is not a legal requirement under French or Swiss transport law to have child seats in this category of vehicles.

The client who made the reservation is responsible for the behaviour of any minors in the vehicle and will be held responsible for any damage caused or the cost of extra cleaning of the vehicle.


The Taxi Morzine fleet is fully insured, as required by French and Swiss transport law, for passenger and third-party claims. Luggage is however carried at the client’s entire responsibility. Taxi Morzine accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage during the airport transfer.

It is vital that the client informs Taxi Morzine at the time of booking of sports equipment and/or outsized luggage to be transported. The non-exhaustive list includes, skis, snowboards, golf clubs, mountain bikes, road bikes, sledges, child’s prams, folding wheelchairs. We do have spacious vehicles which can cater for most luggage requirements but in some cases a trailor or larger vehicle may be necessary which will incur a supplement.


Taxi Morzine, employees and eventual subcontracted drivers refuse to right to transport and person deemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and who is being in a way that the driver feels threatened. This is non-negotiable and no refund for prepaid transfers will be given.

It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, smoke or vape on Taxi Morzine vehicles. Out of respect to the driver and clients on the following transfer we ask clients not to eat on Taxi Morzine vehicles during the transfer.

If the vehicle is damaged or soiled through consumption of any food or drink during the transfer an immediate 100€ payment will be paid to the driver. If payment cannot be made or if the client refuses, legal action may be taken.


Our private transfers are sold on a door to door basis where the accommodation is accessible by correctly surfaced, recognised roads or private driveways. In some extreme cases the vehicle may not be able to drop the clients and their luggage directly at the accommodation. This non-exhaustive list includes cases of roads not being adequately cleared of snow and ice, low balconies or roofs of neighbouring properties hindering access, roads being too narrow or steep for out larger vehicles or the accommodation being located in a pedestrian zone of a resort.

In such cases the driver will help wherever possible and will park wherever he or she deems to be safe for the clients and other road users. The client will be responsible to make their own way with luggage to the accommodation.

In the event that we are able to reach accommodation for a departure transfer (for example due to uncleared driveways) the client needs to make their own way to a designated safe pick up point. This will be communicated in advance and the driver will help with luggage wherever possible.


Under no account will the driver be able to undertake an unscheduled stop on the way to or from resort. This is due to respecting our drivers legal working hours and the scheduling of other clients later in the day.


We cannot accept responsibility for changes to, or cancellation of, transfer arrangements caused by events beyond our control. For example, changes caused by: war, threat of war, riots, civil strife, strikes, industrial action, terrorist activity, natural disasters, fire, technical problems to transport, closure of airports, closure of roads, adverse weather conditions, heavy snow, avalanche or similar events beyond our control. Similarly, we cannot accept responsibility for any additional accommodation or flight/travel costs or subsequent loss of wages as a result of these events.