Our Vehicles

Our Vehicles

For up to 4 passengers.

A very comfortable, 4 motion licensed taxi which drives like a dream on snowy roads. This vehicle is also used year round for transporting people who need to go to and from local and regional medical facilities in agreement with the CPAM (French social security)

For up to 8 passengers

This 4 Motion minibus offers larger groups of up to 8 people a high level of comfort and reliability. As with our taxi, the four-wheel drive ensures that we can always get you to your accommodation and get you to and from the airport or railway station regardless of road conditions. The large boot has room for lots of luggage and sports equipment however some snowboard bags may be too bulky to fit in. It is very important we are made aware of all luggage so we can offer a larger vehicle if possible.

15 and 22 seater minibuses

A larger vehicle has some clear advantages. Family groups don’t need to be split up when travelling to and from resort, and no time is wasted at the airport trying to decide who goes in which vehicle! Our 15 and 22 seater minibuses have ample room for luggage, snowboards and skis and we have an extra trailer available too, should it be required. For such large parties the price per person is often far lower than paying for shared transfer seats.

Please be aware that due to the height and length of these vehicles we may not always be able to drive right to the door of your accommodation. Narrow lanes, sharp turns, low balconies and side roads which haven’t been cleared of snow may mean we have to drop you a short walk away. Please be reassured we will take you as close as possible and help with luggage if required.


We have a variety of children’s car seats available for you to use at no extra cost. Our car seats are in excellent condition and they’ll be pre-fitted to your vehicle to avoid all and any hassle as you jump onboard. We simply ask that you give us your requirements in advance.We also start each winter season with brand new, high quality snow tires on all our vehicles and these will be maintained and renewed throughout the season. We’ve never been caught out by the April snow storm!We have a covered trailor for our minibuses for sports equipment and excess luggage. It is vital we are made aware of what luggage you have at the time of booking so we can add the trailor if necessary.

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