Door to Door transfers

At Taxi Morzine, our aim has always to provide easy, hassle free private airport transfers between Geneva Airport and your holiday accommodation. “Hassle free” means a minimum of walking to and from your transfer vehicle, no swapping vehicles en route to resort and above all transporting clients and luggage in safe and smooth conditions.

Those of you who have already flown into Geneva Airport will know that there are several possibilities of parking places for your transfer vehicle. We aim to park as close as possible in the safest of places, especially when we have families travelling with children.

Our 22 and 15 seater vehicles are able to park directly opposite the arrivals hall with the coaches. We ask our clients to call or text the number provided once everyone is in the main arrivals hall with all luggage so that your driver will bring the vehicle into the front car park. Clients are asked to wait in the arrivals hall (usually by the main visitor information desk) and the driver will come into the terminal with the name board to escort clients and help with luggage if necessary.

We NEVER ask our clients to walk to the large minibus car park which is situated above a multi-storey car park over looking the motorway. It is quite a hike the full length of the airport, through the railway station shopping arcade, through a supermarket delivery area then up two floors via an unsuitably small lift to the car park. I timed myself walking the route this summer and it took me almost 8 minutes. I am a fast walker, I didn’t have any luggage with me, most definitely no kids in tow and there was no queue for the lift. On a busy weekend this trek could easily take 15 minutes!


Our 8 seater minibuses and the taxi will always be parked in the underground car park directly in front of arrivals. There are several lifts to access this car park and it means we can safely load up clients and luggage in a minimum amount of time. Again with my timer ticking from the arrivals hall with clients, it just took 2 and a half minutes from the information desk to the minibus! When it is cold, wet, windy or snowing it is far more pleasant to be loading up the minibus in this underground car park!

Occasionally we park our vehicle directly outside arrivals in the short stay car park. Obviously, this is even closer (1minute and 25 seconds when I timed it !), but it isn’t ideal for families as cars are reversing without warning and the parking spaces are a lot tighter. Also on a busy day the queue to get in and out of here can be quite long.

“Hassle free” also means that your driver provides a door to door service. Following over 20 years in the taxi business and a lifetime of living in Morzine (in Yannick’s case literally a lifetime!) we know the area very well however we do count on our clients providing us with exact accommodation addresses to speed up the transfers.  There may be very rare occasions when the vehicle cannot access the accommodation. This could be due to our vehicle being too large for a narrow driveway, low balconies hampering access, the accommodation being in a pedestrian zone or a driveway which hasn’t been cleared of snow and ice. If the driver deems the access too dangerous or impossible he or she will park as close and as safely as possible and help with luggage wherever possible.

We have had many incredible reviews over the years and the main comment our clients make is how easy the whole transfer service is with Taxi Morzine. What are you waiting for? Book right now!