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Rail Over Air

Summer 2020 is certainly a strange one. Not only is the demand for transport down as more travellers prefer the bubble of their own cars, but it is also the first summer that we at Taxi Morzine are seeing that demand for rail transfers has exceeded that of airport runs.[…]

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A big day, post-COVID 19

It’s June 15, 2020. Today is a big day in the post-lockdown world we live in. The Swiss/French border is opening, allowing traffic to flow freely between our two countries. As I write this, Yannick is on his way to Geneva Airport to pick up our very first clients since[…]

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12 Days into the Coronavirus Lockdown

Saturday 28 March 2020, this is Taxi Morzine HQ 12 days into the corona virus lockdown. It seems ironic to present our fleet to you on a Saturday which is usually the busiest day of the week during the winter season with our vehicles heading twice, sometimes three times, to[…]

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