All our eggs….

As we emerge battered and bruised but still standing after yet another lockdown, this blog post is simply to reassure past, present and future clients that we are still here, vaccinated and literally chomping at the bit to start summer season 2021.

The past 12 months have been extremely challenging for everybody (errr, understatement of the year!). Running our little business as a husband and wife team has involved many discussions, scribbling down of ideas, the occasional domestic and hours of research as to how Taxi Morzine can come out of this, not only in one piece, but stronger than pre-Covid.

The key to our survival during the pandemic has been simply to continue not putting all our proverbial eggs in one basket. Diversification is not some revolutionary business model but it has proved to be oh-so relevant to us this past year. When tourism dried up we still had our primary school and high school transport contracts. When all the schools were forced to close, we still had our medical work  transporting people for their various treatments down the valley and further afield. When airport arrivals dropped by 95% we found ourselves meeting French clients at the local train stations. When we realised that bars and restaurants wouldn’t be needing us we ran minibuses for snow shoe and ski touring trips. When the 6pm curfew came into place…. we just shrugged and enjoyed some quiet, family time which is something we never get in winter!

As I write this we are still waiting to hear if international tourists will be allowed into (and out of!) France. Reservations are going to come in on a very last-minute basis which is were Yannick and I play our trump card being based in the resort centre and ready to roll at the drop of a hat. Flexibility and responsiveness are our big selling points.

This summer we will be operating our usual rail and airport transfers, local runs, excursions further afield and….. *insert loud drum roll*…  we will be shortly announcing a newcomer to the Taxi Morzine fleet! Our latest venture to offer a brand-new service in and around Morzine will be revealed in a couple of weeks so watch out for news of our “new baby” on the website and social media.

In the meantime, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all very, very soon!


Jo and Yannick