A big day, post-COVID 19

It’s June 15, 2020.

Today is a big day in the post-lockdown world we live in. The Swiss/French border is opening, allowing traffic to flow freely between our two countries. As I write this, Yannick is on his way to Geneva Airport to pick up our very first clients since COVID-19 abruptly ended our winter season three months ago.

On a regular day in the winter season we would be crossing the border two or three times a day, in all weather conditions and at all times of day or night. I never thought I’d say this but I have honestly missed the border crossing! Bardonnex, just off the A40 with its horrendous rush hour queues, grumpy border officials and inevitable accidents caused by impatient lane hoppers causing many of you to look nervously at the time hoping you’ll make your flight(*).

When I think about it I miss everything that usually drives me to despair and the brink of insanity in the winter season. Sauntering happily into arrivals only to find the flight has been diverted to Lyon (bloody fog), having my paperwork checked by a belligerent official in the car park, having to remortgage my house to pay for an airport sandwich, being held up on the roads by tractors/ caravans/Sunday drivers/snow/accidents…. Yes, I even miss the endless rounds of “I spy” and impatient cries of “Are we nearly there yet?”……

Maybe this is one positive thing about lockdown…learning to embrace and appreciate the small, niggly, and honestly, not-too-important, things in life.

*Don’t forget! We always get you there on time!